Welcome to the world of Athletica. 


Our areas of expertise revolve around the creation of one's own health. Since 1997, we try to serve you to the best of our knowledge. We are constantly training in the different fields of health, micronutrition, training, rehabilitation and functional neurology. We do everything to stay on top of scientific knowledge. We are therefore able to offer you innovative solutions, 100% individualized, adapted to your needs of the moment.


After work of more than 4 months, our new premises are ready to welcome you. Beyond the decor, very pleasant to live and functional, our new material, allows us to apply the latest concepts of health, presented in my book "Build your health" (editions Jouvences 2018).

Once again, Athletica is the precursor of a new approach, which allows a real individualisation of the work to be done. This ensures continuous progression without the risk of injury, overload, or frustration, which is synonymous with failures and abandonment.


We will be happy to teach you this knowledge and give you the means to create your own health. This is our mission.


In the other pages of the site, you will find more detailed information of our method.


We divided our support into 3 categories:


- you are looking for performance.


- you are looking for the maintenance and development of your health.


- you have a health problem and are looking for an alternative, an addition to your medical care.


However, it is clear that our main strength is individualization and that we will do our utmost to find a solution for your specific needs.


Dr Michel Golay


Founder of Athletica

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