It is a set of 9 strength training machines containing the main muscle groups of the human body (pectorals, back, shoulders, abdominals, legs, arms). The purpose of this is to stimulate the peripheral nervous system of the candidate for health.

Unlike standard weight machines, this circuit has no weight: here, it is a motor that regulates the intensity or the type of work to be done. This thus makes it possible to model several types of operations or resistances:

  • Isotonic (like traditional weight machines)
  • Isotonic with light eccentric (the return phase of the movement has a light resistance)
  • Isotonic with accentuated eccentric (the return phase of the movement has increased resistance)
  • Isokinetic (the resistance will be proportional to the force put by the patient so that the speed of movement will be constant)
  • Elastic (the resistance reproduced is comparable to working with elastics)
  • Viscous (resistance is proportional to the force given by the patient as on devices with fluids)
Finally, the “Spotter” mode makes it possible, when the patient can no longer complete his series, to automatically reduce the resistance so that he can complete his repetition in all its amplitude. All this allows, through the diversity of the programs, to create even more adaptation, by further stimulating the nervous system of the person. These machines work almost automatically: an appointment is mandatory in order to set them up with a coach, during which the seat height, the range of motion will be adjusted, as well as a test of maximum isokinetic force (constant speed ) will be realized. When the patient then badges on the terminal, it will direct him to the first machine to be performed, and this machine will be adjusted automatically by resuming the settings made with the coach.