After a thorough evaluation of your actual stress level, we will propose adapted solutions according to your profile.

If you have:

  • Mood swings
  • Digestive trouble
  • Repeated infections
  • Frequent multiple pain
  • Circulatory problems
  • Other…

An analysis of your diet, of your symptoms using questionnaires and/or blood analyses will allow us to propose to you customized healthy eating habits according to your deficiencies and limitations.

Healthy eating advice

Must take into account:

  • Personality, and more importantly eating style and personal relation with eating.
  • Health condition, result of the interactions between genetic predisposition and lifestyle habits.
  • Any particular needs according to digestive capacity, professional or leisure physical activity, any current disturbances (infection, inflammation, medication), and past and current habits (smoking, alcohol consumption…).

Our eating or diet advice is inspired by the Cretan Mediterranean model, insisting on certain particular points:

  • Micro-nutritional density, in order to limit empty calories.
  • Mineral intake from the diet will be evaluated.
  • Good food associations to promote a satisfactory acid-base equilibrium.
  • Choice of seasoning oils is a prerequisite for any eating advice, in order to guarantee a proper omega3/omega6 ratio.
  • The digestive sphere: Restoring the balance of the digestive ecosystem is a major outcome.

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