Stress Management

After a thorough evaluation of your actual stress level, we will propose adapted solutions according to your profile:

1. D-stress physical activities:

Based on a combination of moderate-to-mild cardiovascular activity, muscle stretching exercises and breathing exercises, D-stress physical activities result in the “combustion” of stress hormones, muscle relaxation and better tissue oxygenation.

2. Dynamic relaxation:

Dynamic relaxation allows you to become aware of useless physical and psychological stress; it allows a progressive acquisition of the necessary tools to control/eliminate them.

These are psychocorporal exercises that allow you to listen better to your body and spirit. The development of perception skills, of sensations, is fundamental for this raising of awareness.

3. Micro-nutrition and stress:

“Stress" is not only external.

Our meal hours, their content and our capacity to absorb them can trigger a “whirlwind” of stress hormone production; they will produce the same effects as overworking or dealing with private issues.

Micro-nutrition allows an analysis of these phenomena in order to correct them.

The combination of these 3 approaches results in actual stress control.

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