The most important is certainly the definition of health:


The 2 pillars on which the method is based (its 2 brains) are the autonomic nervous system and the gut microbiota.

– For the autonomic nervous system (ANS), we acquire the means of analysis and stimulation allowing us to evaluate its functioning, its abilities, its limitations and above all to be able to stimulate it, to activate it, to create plasticity (term used in functional neurology). All of this is obviously synonymous with health and performance.

The introduction of functional neurology concepts is essential in this approach.

– In terms of nutrition, understanding our microbiota as an essential key to our health, protecting and nourishing ourselves, is also innovative. A good diet is one that ensures a good diversity of our intestinal flora. Current science shows us that the diseases of civilization, for the most part, are the consequence of a loss of biodiversity, the same that strikes our environment. The performance of the athletes and especially the number of their injuries is closely linked to the quality of their microbiota.