You have a health problem


You have a chronic illness, your medical care can control the situation, but you still suffer. Why not try a new scientifically validated approach? 


The patented method we apply to Athletica, based on the book "Build your health", improves the functions of our innate immune system, which is responsible for preventing the onset of systemic inflammation. This is the essential factor for the appearance of a disease. Being able to control it is a key to the success of any therapy. Our nutritional approach, based on the microbiota diet, ensures good protective bacterial diversity. 


In addition, the development of adaptive capabilities of our autonomic nervous system, allows him to better face the problems related to chronic diseases. Adapted physical activity is essential in the creation of "brain plasticity", which improves its functioning. For 22 years, Athletica has specialized in physical activity programs adapted for people with contraindications for these practices. Our high-performance evaluation tools allow us to accurately measure the content of the sessions we offer. 


We can contribute to the improvement of diseases such as:

-       Rheumatic diseases. 

-       Diseases affecting the nervous system. 

-       Digestive diseases. 

-       Orthopedic rehabilitation.

-       Balance disorders.

-       Neurological disorders. 

-       Diabetes type 2.


Come and present your problem, we will study it in depth and we will propose our solutions. 

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