You practice a sport seriously. You invest a lot in your training. You are beginners, amateurs or professionals. So, you deserve to get the best results possible.

Today you can find training tips, planning for any event, anywhere. The number of “coaches” multiply. Applications of all kinds propose to follow you, at the level of physical preparation, diet or even mental preparation.

So, why do you need Athlética?

“To train is to put oneself in a state of overload.”

A good program is the one whose load is assimilable, allowing progression and adaptation. This is the one that avoids injuries and over-fatigue, causes of decline in performance at best, prevention of participating in an event, or even, at worst, having to suspend its activity for a long time.

The difference between success and failure depends on the very thin limit between assimilable load and overload. What are the essential elements to manage to potentiate your chances?

Success depends on health.



It is therefore imperative to develop it to ensure a smooth progression. The center of adaptation is the autonomic nervous system (ANS). For more than 10 years, we have integrated its evaluation and analysis into our health check. We have a great experience of how it works and developed ways to improve it.

Its measurement allows us to assess the quality of sleep and recovery, as well as knowing the burden of a workout. We also perform our stress tests through its analysis. The evaluation of this essential limiting factor allows us to follow you day by day in your evolution.

Training is an important source of stress at the digestive level. Overtraining is a major cause of permeable bowel and disturbances of the gut microbiota. This dysbiosis is the factor initiating the onset of inflammation, which itself will precede tendinopathy, which will “rot” you.

Our nutritional approach focused on the quality of the microbiota is essential to ensure the protection of our internal system. Dietary advice aimed at a high nutritional density (resistant starches, fructans, beta-glucans, fibers and polyphenols) allow an optimal function of the innate immune system, thus protecting us from diseases.

After reading these few lines, you have certainly understood that Athlética is able to offer you a unique assessment of your abilities, as well as an optimal follow-up. We are currently building our health app, which will allow you to follow your daily progress, both health and performance.